Faucet will be stopped when Total Paid reach: 20000000.00 mXVP
Total Members: 2937 | Total Paid: 14071775 mXVP


How Does It Works?

1) Register an account for free.

2) Login to your account and solve the Captcha and Earn fee Virtacoins Plus.

3) Send a Withdrawal request.

What is it - Virtacoin Plus (XVP)?

VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) is a decentralized crypto-currency, like Bitcoin.

Where i can exchange VirtaCoin Plus (XVP)?

VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) is trading on the Markets.

Where i can get VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) wallet?

VirtaCoinPlus (XVP) Desktop Wallets, Online wallet and App wallet for Android can be found by CLICKING HERE.

What is a minimum for payment request?

At this moment it is 2000 mXVP.
1 XVP = 1000 mXVP

Can i earn from my referrals?

At this moment there is 100% earnings from Your referrals.

Can i have more than 1 account on Virtacoins.net?

No, virtacoins.net allows only one account per person.

Why does XVP rewards amount decreases?

It is because we can't pay more than we earn from advertising on our website...

Can i use Virtacoins.net on my smartphone?

Yes, You can try our app for Android.